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NOTE: Dr. Goldsmith has retired from his clinical practice and is no longer taking new patients.

Biographical Statement

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. is a therapist specializing in psychospiritual development and resistance to change.  Seeing “neurosis” as the natural unfolding of human maturation, he views psychology as the science of personal emergence and spiritual maturity.  With the exception of biologically-based diseases, such as schizophrenia, psychology is not about “mental illness” and so Dr. Goldsmith treats “neurosis” as spiritual immaturity, not pathology.  In fact, he believes the “sick” label itself tightens and distorts, actually slowing healthy realignment.

Dr. Goldsmith applies innovative techniques drawn from many schools of thought and traditional practices, such as Psychosynthesis, Imago Relationship Therapy, regressive psychotherapies, Rogerian client-centered counseling, yoga psychology, and other humanistic, transpersonal and eastern traditions.  He facilitates deep life review, awakening to personal history, and life planning, with a special focus on existential and midlife crisis and with young adults suffering from lack of direction or substance abuse.  Dr. Goldsmith is particularly helpful with couples – many feeling “in-love” again after years of vicious cycles.

Dr. Goldsmith has a master’s degree in counseling from New York University and a Ph.D. in psychology from Claremont Graduate University, with an orientation toward “action science” in the tradition of Kurt Lewin.  Dr. Goldsmith conducted his dissertation research, on the factors that facilitate or inhibit the successful utilization of mental health policy research, as a federally-funded doctoral research assistant at Princeton University.  He was also deputy principal investigator of this four-year, nation-wide study of mental health policy research utilization. 

Author of dozens of popular and scholarly articles, Dr. Goldsmith is a frequent speaker on spiritual emergence, resistance to change, transpersonal psychology, drug policy reform and the post-modern future of society.  He has worked to improve the innovation process and facilitate the management of change, for companies such as American Express, AT&T and Gartner. 

Neal M.Goldsmith, Ph.D. 
Brooklyn (Dumbo), NY

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