My First Book,

Psychedelic Healing:
The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development

By Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 978-1-59477-250-4
ISBN: 1-59477-250-9
Publication date: 1/01/11.

About Psychedelic Healing:
* Psychedelics as therapeutic catalysts for emotional and spiritual transformation
* Explores the latest medical research on the healing powers of entheogens
* Reveals the crucial role of tribal and shamanic wisdom in psychedelic medicine
* Provides guidelines for working with psychedelics, including the author's personal healing and recommendations for creating change on the spiritual and societal levels

Banned after promising research in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s, the use of psychedelics as therapeutic catalysts is now being rediscovered at prestigious medical schools, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and UCLA.

In clinical trials to assess their use, entheogens have been found to ease anxiety in the dying, interrupt the hold of addictive drugs, cure post-traumatic stress disorder, and treat other deep-seated emotional disturbances. To date, results have been positive, and the idea of psychedelics as powerful psychiatric--and spiritual--medicines is now beginning to be accepted by the medical community.

Exploring the latest cutting-edge research on psychedelics, along with their use in indigenous cultures throughout history for rites of passage and shamanic rituals, Neal Goldsmith reveals that the curative effect of entheogens comes not from a chemical effect on the body but rather by triggering a peak or spiritual experience. He provides guidelines for working with entheogens, groundbreaking analyses of the concept--and the process--of change in psychotherapy, and, ultimately, his own story of psychedelic healing.

Examining the tribal roots of this knowledge, Goldsmith shows that by combining ancient wisdom and modern research, we can unlock the emotional, mental, and spiritual healing powers of these unique and powerful tools, providing an integral medicine for postmodern society.


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Welcome to my Psychedelics Therapy, Theory, and Policy page. Below you will find links to my writing, talks, and interviews. I welcome your questions or comments.

Talks and Interviews:

From April 19 to 21st I hosted and MCed the Academic Research Track at the annual MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland, CA.

On February 8th, I spoke at, 'Psychedelic Love: Discussion with Dr. Neal Goldsmith', an event hosted by Evolver SPORE Baltimore. Video of event coming soon.

Here is the talk I gave on November 24, 2012 to the Psychedelic and Entheogenic Society of New York City Meetup Group, on the topic of Psychedelic Love. Click here to watch!

I curate and MC the Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference in New York City each autumn.   Keep an eye out for information about our 2013 conference later this year.

On September 27, 2012 I gave a lecture called Psychedelics, Health, and Love.  This talk was held at the Psychedemia Conference, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The entire conference lasted from September 27-30th.

I was the featured guest on the C-Realm podcast in the last week of September: Click here to watch!

In April of 2012, I MC'ed a panel discussion called "Enhancing Consciousness, Enhancing Conscience: Research, Methods, Tools". The other speakers were Rick Dolblin, Ph.D., Alex and Allyson Grey, and Julie Holland, M.D.. Watch the discussion and Q & A here:

I hosted a series of Webinars at the New York Open Center this July 2012, including one talk with Rick Doblin, Ph.D and one talk with Michael Mithoefer, M.D.

I do a lot of public speaking on personality development, psychotherapy and change, psychedelics research and policy, and the integral future of society, including grand rounds at NYU Medical School, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The New York Open Center, and lots more. Please e-mail me for the PowerPoint presentations.

Here is a short (six minute) interview I did in 2010 on the spiral of integral cultural evolution. It's called "Fusion of Spirit and Science" and is the best, most accessible example of my thinking:

At the 2010 Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference I presented on "Psychedelics, Psychotherapy, and Change" Here's a presentation I did at the Psychedelic Science Conference, titled "Psychedelics, Psychotherapy and Change:

This was part of my presentation at the Horizons 2010 conference, which can be found here: 
"Psychedelics, Psychotherapy, and Change"

In April of 2010 I curated (Tracks II and III), MCed (Track II), and presented at the MAPS Psychedelic Science conference in Oakland, California. I've also curated and MCed the MAPS speakers program at Burning Man. These presentations are available, please e-mail me.

Here's my talk on "The Ten Lessons of Psychedelic Psychotherapy... Rediscovered" from the 2007 Horizons conference:


I was interviewed in the documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Here is a clip from the documentary website.

Other footage from DMT: The Spirit Molecule:

Mushroom Trip - Part 1

Mushroom Trip - Part 2

Here's a talk from April 28, 2010, to Evolver Spore on the Future of Psychedelics:

Here is my "Human Detours" interview from 2010- a very personal interview. There are six segments and they get better as we get warmed up!
"He graduated as a psychologist and within a short period of time became frustrated with the archaic academic system. With the lure of money, the corporate world snatched him up until he couldn't ignore that voice within his soul any longer. Of course, the use of psychedelics helped get him there. Find out how!"

I have given four talks (three with Rick Doblin) at the New York Open Center in Manhattan, NY in the Fall and Winter of 2010. These talks are available, please e-mail me!

Here's my talk to the Psychedelic and Entheogenic Society of New York City Meetup Group on "Psychedelic Research - History and Clinical Applications", given in August of 2009:

Here are three audio interviews I did on:

"Psychology and Psychedelics" on the RadiOrbit show, with Mike Hagen:

"PsychoSpiritual Evolution" on GnosticMedia, with Jan Irwin:

 "Psychotherapy, Psychedelics, and the Emergence of an Integral Society" for Bob Fass' Radio Unnameable show on NY-based Pacifica FM-radio station WBAI:

This is my chapter from the Psychedelic Medicine textbook (the first psychedelics textbook in a generation!) Please feel free to e-mail me for a .pdf copy.

Goldsmith, N.M. (2007). "The Ten Lessons of Psychedelic Psychotherapy, Rediscovered." In, Winkler, M. and Roberts, T. (Eds.), Psychedelic Medicine: New Evidence for Hallucinogenic Substances as Treatments. Vol. 2, pp. 107-141. NY: Praeger.

The Ten Lessons chapter forms the basis for my book, "Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development" (Inner Traditions Press, 2011. Here is the catalog description for the book (out in January):

Non-psychedelic talks:

Please e-mail me to receive copies of any that haven't been uploaded yet.

Goldsmith, N.M. (2007). Birth Order and Liberation in Marital Relationships. Poetry Science Talks, New York, NY, February 8.

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Goldsmith, N.M. (2005). Dualism, Psychosynthesis and Yoga Psychotherapy. Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy Fifth Annual Conference on Spirituality, Psychotherapy and Healing: Is Spirituality Necessary for Psychological Healing? New York, NY, May 14.

Goldsmith, N.M. (2001). bin Laden, Katzinski and the 'Borgification' of Humanity. The Carriage House Talks, New York, NY, December 6.

Goldsmith, N.M. (2001). Collaborative Systems and Innovation: Formal Process, Virtual Organization. Leadership and Innovation Teleconference, The Concours Group, April 17.

Goldsmith, N.M. (1996). Interviews with the Future: A Virtual Roundtable. Featuring John Seely Brown (Xerox chief scientist and director, Xerox PARC), Kevin Kelly (executive editor, Wired), and Andy Klein (founder, Spring Street Brewing and Wit Capital). New York, NY: BusinessTech.

Goldsmith, N.M. (1995). Managing the Impact of Change on Individuals. The Conference Board 1995 Conference on Managing Change: Change Leaders, Chicago, Illinois, October 12.

Goldsmith, N.M. (1995). The Democratization of Expertise: The Security and Ethics of Public-Private Partnership. The President's Cancer Panel Meeting: The Information Superhighway: What Does It Mean For Cancer? University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland, September 15.


Finally, here's a poem I wrote:

"Missed, Mist"

I feel in a mist
Sleepwalking through life
Sleeptalking with other sleepwalkers
Triggering out my insides.

On the other hand...

I float down to my ground
And on the way down
I cry my childhood into completion.
On the ground
A glowing mound throbs,
Emanating peace.

I touch the glowing orb
And my sleeping seed awakens,
Reigniting the unfolding frozen so long ago
Unfolding unto the sun
Upward to the warmth of love
From the glow, to the warmth.

Comments are always welcome!

-- Neal

Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. 
Sag Harbor (Long Island), NY
New York (Lower Manhattan), NY

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